Selecting a platform for your box is a big decision. Something that can impact your business long term. Something that I advocate is to not always go with what you think is the cheapest platform.

I’ve seen far too many merchants get caught up with saving a few bucks when starting only to find out a long term that their penny-pinching at the start severely impacts their long term business success.

You want to select a platform that not only grows with you as your business grows but offers you the flexibility and support you need fast. You want a partner that cares as much about your growth as you do.

I’d like to spotlight Subbly if you are still on the fence about what platform to choose and launch your Subscription Box business on as a fantastic example for stellar support.

What is Subbly.

Subbly is an all-in-one platform that for a small monthly fee will give you the ability to have a full-featured website, take subscription payments from customers and manage your business.

WhereSubbly shines is the commitment and support to your business that is evident from the moment you sign up.

Founder and CEO Stefan Pretty has committed from the top level of the company to support all merchants who are on the platform.

From ultra-fast technical support times and direct assistance in growing your business within the Subbly Facebook Group, you will feel a huge difference as you start or grow your subscription box business.

Out of the box

Subbly provides everything you need to start your subscription box. Your website, a check out that handles subscription billing, analytics and metrics. “Out of the box,” it’s a solid platform. Over the last 12 months though Subbly has been investing a hell of a lot in the success of its merchants.

Here are some of the key features that Subbly has recently rolled out.

  • Library of beautifully designs Subscription Box website themes so you only need to attach your branding to have a gorgeous looking website.
  • Out of the box they have one of the highest converting customer checkouts which has been updated and current testing is showing a 15% increase in overall platform revenue for their merchants
  • Ability to embed the Subbly experience into your existing website. So if you have a current website and would like to offer a subscription box product to your customers Subbly can handle all that for you.
  • You can customise your customer’s subscriptions with a survey/onboarding flow built right into the checkout. It’s slick and really easy to customise because it allows for “build-a-box” style subscriptions.
  • Zapier Integration <- This is HUGE. Connect your store to thousands of other apps with zero coding.
  • Refer-a-friend tool built right in
  • Your site is now 100% secure with site-wide SSL.
  • Re-design and customisable customer login area – make it a unique experience for your store.

Extra Features

I’ve been lucky enough to speak with Stefan recently and used my powers of persuasion to share my readers a few of the tidbits from his roadmap for the platform.

You will notice that each of these features has been designed with making the customer experience better or making your business more money.

What’s coming up:

  • Mixed-cart functionality (very nearly done) – your customers can buy more and you can make more $$
  • Up-sells – Like the idea of increasing your average order size? Who doesn’t!
  • Shipping labels built right in instead of using ShipStation – one more subscription bites the dust


Having been able to spend a bit of time with Stefan in the Subscription Box Entrepreneurs group I’ve witnessed first-hand that as a company they are fully committed to the success of their merchants.

I can hand on heart suggest Subbly as a platform for Subscription Box Entrepreneurs 


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