Not sure how to write the sales copy for your Subscription Box?

Here is a quick way you can steal highly converting sales copy from the worlds No 1online retailer – ethically.

Songwriting sales copy is one of those things that is harder than it should be. I mean, we have no trouble talking about our business with friends and family, even getting them excited about it. But when it comes to writing that shutdown.
**queue fail trombone**

Well, here is a quick and dirty way of getting a copy that resonates with your target audience AND solves their pain points.

1. Go to

Just type it into your address bar.

2. Search for your product or niche on Amazon.

In this example I’m going to use Coffee and wouldn’t you believe it, Amazon now has a Coffee Subscription Subscription (because did you know, Amazon now offers Subscription Box products).
Find one with the highest amount of 5-star reviews AND one with the highest amount of 1-star reviews.

3. Go to the Questions section and actuallyREAD the questions that people are asking

What language do they use? What common questions are coming up? Make the answers to these questions UPFRONT on your own website, make them statements that completely ease a person into knowing your product is right for them.

Use these questions to form the basis of your own FAQ’s. This will help you to overcome any common objections and make customers feel like you are reading their mind -spooky!

4. Read the 5-star reviews.

What language do people use on good reviews? What do they like about the product? How do they describe the best parts of the product? What do the reviewers commonly identify as being amazing?

Make note of these AND then make these statements UPFRONT on your own website.


  • Five Star Coffee and Five Star Delivery
  • A delicious package of five-star coffee
  • Convenient, fast and amazing.

5. Read the 1-star reviews.

What language do they use? What do they dislike?

Make sure your product DOESN’T have these negative aspects AND make this UPFRONT in your Website. Use this as part of your product features.


  • Generous portions and enough for two giant coffees!
  • We taste-test each and every sample so you know you are getting an amazing taste and brew with every cup
  • The perfect brew for less than the price of a Starbucks! (if your pricing is similar to the example – make sure peoples expectations are managed).

BONUS TIP: How to ethically swipe killer Headlines

It’s actually very simple. Look at the headlines the customers are using in the reviews! The reason this is so powerful is that this is how people actually speak. Just modify the headline to be congruent with the rest of your Story.


the headline reads: “Having sample size of these premier coffees were wonderful to taste test each one before I buy”

You could modify this into Sample and taste test premier coffee before you buy! 

That just an example. You can basically modify it in any way you want. You can even use these headlines as calls to action along with your site.  Amazon is a goldmine for marketers and business owners. It’s customer language, data and polling at its finest.

Best of all it’s free 


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